Last Day at CRDT

As predicted, by the time Friday rolled around, I had most definitely run out of work to do at CRDT. I think this is probably a combination of only working for a corporate organisation for such a short time (5 weeks) and the different perspectives about how long a task should take to complete.

Consequently, I rocked up to the office at a leisurely 9.45 a.m., having stopped at the bakery on the way in for a last day doughnut shout (it was meant to be a coconut roll shout, but they had sold out).

I managed to take as long as I could handing out the doughnuts and sat down to edit the document I had saved, just for my last day! But, it turned out to be an email and it was brilliantly written, no editing needed. Oh dear! Never-mind.

I spent the rest of the morning dragging out little tasks, such as emailing documents I had worked on to another volunteer and re-editing a document, counting down the minutes until lunch.

Lunch was great! We headed off to Lunar Cafe, a 5 minute walk down the road. It’s a vegetarian cafe and despite the buffet dishes looking exactly like the limp, tasteless dishes served at the volunteer house, these vegetables actually had flavour! It was a nice way to end the 5 week stint, gossiping over lunch. I went back to the office and said my goodbyes and headed to Joma Cafe for a coffee. Time to make a plan on how to sell my bicycle this afternoon.

I’m off to the south of Cambodia to visit the beaches around Sihanoukville on Saturday. First stop is a fancy-pants hotel I can’t afford on my backpacker budget, I can’t wait!


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