Sweaty Days

I’ve abandoned the tradition of wearing of bras. Instead, I am now outfitting myself with a bikini top during the day with the padding removed and then urgently removing it upon arriving back home.

While this is a salve to the sweat rash left by the previous bra wearing practice, it does add a certain discomfort to certain activities. Such as going over speed bumps, clapping, walking down the street with your arms folded across your chest after work to get some chocolate koalas from the Bali Mart…

I miss music. I miss playing music in the car. I miss playing it loudly over my tinny little stereo. I miss playing it when I’m home alone and it’s just me, Apple Music and my headphones singing voice.

I’m listening to Nikes, Frank Ocean now, but I can’t join in the crooning because someone is sleeping and someone is watching a bible video. The fans add a pleasant thap thap thap acoustic I suppose.

It was a Tuesday today, which meant nothing special was scheduled activity wise at the Orphanage. After the usual morning of 20 minutes singing various repetitions of wheels on the bus and BINGO was his name, oh! we had a spirited game of duck, duck, goose, but in wheelchairs.

The only other exciting task to note was the manic dancing performance by the volunteers and caregivers from 3.32 p.m. until 3.49 p.m.

Oh, and also my feet were lightly spritzed from a leaking nappy while I was feeding a bowl of banana mush to a blameless wee mite.

Tomorrow’s ‘pool day’, which is always a joy. The water mixes in seamlessly with the ubiquitous cascades of sweat and is very cooling. And the kids have fun too.


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